March 22

Leaving BlogCatalog

It’s been an interesting 3 years taking blogcatalog from a tiny blog directory to a massive blogger social network to where it is today. I am truly lucky to have worked with such a great group of individuals and will sorely miss them as I move on to pursue other ventures. thank you all for everything.


December 6

Staying Busy

It’s been pretty quiet on the BC front since we returned from BlogWorld Expo. The BC team is hard at work on creating some new features and designs that will reinvent the way you use BlogCatalog. We are even migrating the BlogCatalog codebase to a more scalable framework to increase reliability as we launch new features. So stay tuned because you may see an all new BlogCatalog as soon as January 2010.


July 20

New Database Server

We recently added another database server to help alleviate the load on our current servers and speedup our recent readers widget.


May 8

BlogCatalog Blog Bar Beta

We have a new feature on BlogCatalog rolling out sitewide this weeked that we have developed to make it easier for BlogCatalog readers to share, rate, and comment on BlogCatalog blogs. The new BlogCatalog Blog Bar gives readers a chance to learn more about you through your BlogCatalog Profile as well as find blogs on related topics from our directory of hundreds of thousands of blogs.

BlogCatalog Blog Bar


April 6

Ghost Avatars

For anyone on BlogCatalog who may have noticed that their old avatar stuck around in a few places after uploading a newer one, we released an update this past friday that should resolve the issue. If you continue to have problems please contact BlogCatalog.


March 19

The BlogCatalog Team shared a booth at SXSW last weekend with the guys from PodcastReady and IncSpring and had a ton of fun. We met quite a few of our members and even signed up quite a few new ones. If you stopped by on monday afternoon you may have run into our dance competition…


March 4

BlogCatalog 5.0

It’s hard to believe just how far BlogCatalog has come. In the next few days we will be launching version 5.0 of BlogCatalog and we are super excited about it. Not to worry though, we didn’t move very many things around, just cleaned up the site’s theme and widened the layout to make way for some bigger features we are working on. The new BlogCatalog is a sleeker and simplified site that we think you’ll love as much as we do.


February 24

Bloggers Unite Launches

The BlogCatalog Team is proud to preset the all new Bloggers Unite!


January 30

Bloggers Unite!

If you have been wondering why I have been neglecting this blog for so long, I assure it’s not because of inactivity. The BlogCatalog Team has been hard at work getting Bloggers Unite ready for it’s beta launch. With the launch less than a week away you are going to want to make sure you sign up to be notified at We are really proud of this new site and can’t wait to unleash it upon the world and start accomplishing good!

So stay tuned for that and many other new BlogCatalog updates that are really going to change the way you use BlogCatalog.


December 9

Activity Feed Sharing Returns

When we first rolled out our social streaming features oh so long ago, we gave users the ability to share and comment on their friends activities. We removed the feature due to performance reasons a few months after we launched, however, as of today we have re-introduced the feature to our activity feeds. 

You should now see little stars next to certain activity items from your friends and in the social search, clicking these stars will allow you to post that item to your own activity feed as well as allow to comment on that item. It’s a great way to share interesting links, videos, blog posts and more. 

What are you waiting for? go find something to share!